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A Must Read in Children’s Literature

Barbara O’Connor’s (@barbaraoconnor) novel, How to Steal a Dog, is a memorable story of a homeless girl and the people and dog she meets on her way to finding a home.

Georgina Hayes is a young girl who has to face big people problems when she, her mama, and her brother are kicked out of their apartment after her father abandons them. Living in a beat up old Chevy is no way for her family to live, but her mother is doing the best she can to provide for all of them. It’s no fun going to school dirty and disheveled, missing out on ballet classes and girl scouts, being abandoned your best friend. It’s even less fun trying to pretend that everything is alright when Georgina realizes that things are definitely not alright. After noticing a missing dog sign in the area where she lives, Georgina gets the idea to steal a dog so that she can collect the reward money. Her plan seems to be going well until her conscientious begins to get the best of her – her conscientious and the words of wisdom from Mookie, a bum who travels through the area leaving “a good trail behind him.”

Barbara O’Connor has a knack for creating characters and storylines that make a reader think and wonder, “What would I do in this situation?” This is a great book to teach “Words of the Wiser” and “Again and Again,” if teaching the Notice and Note signposts for fiction. It’s also a great choice for social issues book clubs.

What good children’s books have you read lately?