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Image from http://frugalandthriving.com.au/2016/decluttering-for-busy-people/

Over the past week, I’ve been unsubscribing to email notifications. Each day I get at least ten emails that serve no purpose other than to remind me that I used my email address to sign up for something a long time again – hotel points, on-line courses, home products.  You get the picture.  I read recently that one decluttering technique for your home is to hold something in your hand and decide, “Does this bring me joy?” If it doesn’t bring you joy, you get rid of it.  If it does, you keep it.  The same is true for email subscriptions because, to me, words are just as real as objects.  

I realized the process of unsubscribing to email was a way to declutter my life.  As I was doing it, I realized there was a life lesson hidden in there as well.  If I can choose to unsubscribe to email that doesn’t serve me well, I can “unsubscribe” to messages in my head that don’t serve me well.  The job of instructional coach sets us up for both joy and criticism because, let’s face it, the job is all about change – change in practice, change in thinking, change in resources, change in beliefs. Instructional coaches aren’t hired to promote the status quo.

Change is hard. Not everyone is going to be happy and embrace those changes, so there will be resistance and negativity. That’s a natural part of the change process.  I will be understanding and empathetic, and find a way to meet people where they are, and I will subscribe to and revisit the moments that bring joy.