Dedicating Yourself to Your Craft

I just watched a segment on 60 Minutes about Bruno Mars  as a lead up to the Grammy Awards. During the interview, he told Lara Logan about the hard knocks, hard times, and hard work it took to get where he is today – Grammy winner, Super Bowl halftime performer, stunning entertainer.  None of this came easy to him. As he was explaining how he wrote 24K Magic, Lara was amazed at his process. Writing, rewriting, working on one instrumental part, adding in another, and then adding the “secret sauce.” None of this was done in isolation; he has surrounded himself with a team of people who understand his vision.

As Lara expressed her fascination with the work he puts into his songwriting, he said, “Well, yeah.  It’s dedicating yourself to your craft.”  Wow. That sentence sounds so simple, yet it is so profound.  When we dedicate ourselves to our craft, whatever that craft might be, we learn that it requires being willing to put in long hours, searching for a better way to do the work we do, and collaborating with others who will push us to our outer limits.  It means there will be times when we make mistakes, and we learn how  to recognize those mistakes as a catapult to something better, not as an anchor to defeat.

What have you done recently that shows you dedicate yourself to your craft? What mistakes have you made that lead to something better? Who have you surrounded yourself with to help you along the way to greatness?


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